I am frequently asked which combs and brushes I use, so I have put together a definitive list of what I carry in my case for session styling, photoshoots, teaching or taking care of VIP clients, so I can be ready for anything.

Andis Clipper Comb White and Black

YS Park G39 Cutting Comb

Denman Large Cutting Comb DC04

Andis Taper Barber Comb

YS Park 102 Tail Comb

Kent SPC84 Lifter Comb

Kent SPC83 Rake Comb

Kent Afro Comb SPC86

Denman D3 Brush

Denman Vent Brush D200T

Jack Dean Military Brush

Cricket Round Brush 8 Row

Kent PF0F Grooming Brush

Kent Beard Brush

Kent AHP6G Paddle Brush

Denman Neck Duster D78

However, on a daily basis in the barbershop, I use a fraction of these, mainly two combs and two brushes, which cover just about all cutting requirements

I use the Andis Clipper Comb (in White) and the YS Park G39 cutting comb, as they both serve a unique purpose in the haircut and work together seamlessly.

The Andis clipper comb is wide and has a cutting depth when using clipper over comb of about 6mm (No2 guard) when placed close to the scalp. This comb is the ‘workhorse’ when i comes to bulk removal, establishing guides and cutting in weight lines.

Along with of course clipper over comb, tapering, blending and I even use it for cutting the top with clippers too. Such a versatile comb.

The YS Park G39 Guide comb has its niche too.

This comb has a ‘skip tooth’ in order to make sectioning cleaner and easier, which is exactly what it does. I use it to section of the hair prior to starting the cut and for all cutting work, whilst using my Quartered Steels Master Craft 6.5 inch scissors.
The cutting of top, back and side sections, as well as using it for scissor over comb and fine blending. It also has a handy ruler on the top edge.

As for the brushes, it’s the tried and tested Denman D3 seven row brush that I turn to on a regular basis. You can do so much with it, lift, smooth and curl, and brilliant for pomps and quiffs. I also find this is a good brush to retail to clients as it is quite easy for them to use.

The other brush that I use regularly too is the Denman Vent Brush (D200T) which gives great volume and lift, and especially good on long hair, great for flowing fringes.

I hope this helps. It is always good to try out new tools, so if you are at Barber Connect this year, maybe give a new comb a try!