When we decide it’s time to ‘learn more stuff’ there are numerous ways to fill that void, ranging from attending Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Workshops, YouTube, Online Content and Live Presentations.

But for many people, learning environments are not ideal…

So how can you reach your full potential?

There is a different way to learn…

1-2-1 Training, an area in which I specialise, delivering Bespoke Barbering Education to beginners, improvers, hairdressers and Salon Owners. 

This allows them to have the education they want, based upon their own specific requirements.

Some people find learning in groups to be quite difficult, due to all the different factors, ie: can they see everything, are they brave enough to ask questions, did you miss an important part etc. 

And probably the biggest one is, feeling embarrassed in front of peers/colleagues, worried about doing something wrong.

By working with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis, most of the above problems are eradicated, and then you can get down to the business of teaching and learning.

I spoke to my good friend Dale Ted Watkins (@daletedwatkins) who believed that 1-2-1 training offers something special for the learner.

“If you are demonstrating to any more than 10 people it loses its intimacy.

Over that number, I think it is a ‘Show’, rather than a learning experience.

They may take something from it, but teaching on a 1-2-1 basis allows me to help them with their strengths and weaknesses”

He explained “I want my education to be as inclusive as possible, so the first questions I ask are: What can I do for you? What can I help you with? And what is your budget?”

“I then give them a training plan, explaining fully what will be covered and what the final outcomes will be. This could range from 1 day to 1 week or even longer, depending on their requirements.”

He finished with, “So long as, when I leave they have more knowledge than when I arrived…then we are doing good!”

Budget is always a big question in Education, and I am always asked

“How many can we have on the day?” So they can get as much value for money ie: maximum number of attendees.

And I point out the real value, is what each individual learns from the session, not the number of people in the room. 

Nobody takes anything away with them if there are too many.

So by booking 1-2-1 training, this offers so much value to the individual, being able to concentrate on areas of their work they wish to improve or become more confident in.

Sometimes the experience can be just what is required, to kickstart someone at a steep part in their learning curve. Maybe they need work on crowns and fringes when starting out or it can even inspire individuals to do greater things, or re-ignite a passion they may have (temporarily) lost.

One client I have worked with recently, Aaron of Aaron Michaels Barbershop (@aaronmichaelsbarber) in Livingston, explains why he and his staff have reaped the rewards from this kind of education.

“The benefits of 1-2-1 training have been huge for my business. Focusing on staff as individuals has enabled us to get detailed feedback on areas of our skill sets, which need improvement. Then to tailor further education to suit each person’s requirements to help each individual progress. All of my staff have commented on the value of the training, especially how identifying areas they had previously not considered needed improving. I believe this has only been possible due to the attention that can be given on a 1-2-1 basis.”

If you would like to find out more about this kind of education and see how individual tuition can be of great benefit.  Feel free to drop us a DM or check out the websites,

Find Dale Ted Watkins at www.daletedwatkins.com and me at www.hairbytonyharesign.com